Norvest Corporate is a boutique corporate advisory, consulting and investment company specialising in providing a range of services to assist with the development and expansion of companies, businesses and projects. Our services combine Corporate Finance, Corporate Advisory, Business Consulting and other Corporate and Financial Services.

We are staffed by a small team of specialised and highly qualified professionals. Our personnel provide Norvest Corporate's strength as they have a wide range of experience in professional, corporate and managerial positions, covering chartered accounting firms, investment banks, retail banks, stockbroking and corporate environments.

Norvest Corporate's goal is to be in a partnering, rather than independent, role with our clients and we are geared to be client focussed rather than fee focussed. As we do not provide audit or independent report services for inclusion in a prospectus, we can be more proactive in the interests of the company and the owners/shareholders for whom we are acting.

Importantly, while we have excellent contacts and relationships with a wide variety of funding sources in the investment community, as well as in the broader commercial community, we are not allied to any particular source of funds. For this reason we are able to provide objective advice that is in your interests as our client, and our advice cannot be tainted by conflicts of interest that inevitably arise from any inclination towards particular avenues of fundraising.